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SYNERGIC Systems was established and registered in 2020 under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry Of Trade business code. The company’s vision is to become a leading consulting company and play a major role in the transformation of young talents in Ethiopia through Technology transfer in the following areas;

  • Software and Hardware development

SYNERGIC Systems has played a major role in transferring knowledge and now how, creating job opportunities by recruiting local talents from universities and colleges. To this date, the company works with major academic institutions in finding the best and brightest talents for its capacity building programs.

SYNERGIC Systems Team capabilities spans across wide range of personnel qualifications, and technical expertise in Information Technology, System Integration, Cyber Security,  biometrics, identity management and access control, electronic identification .

SYNERGIC Systems Team offers a combination of technical expertise, operational experience, corporate focus on the end user, and rapid, flexible management that do not exist in any single company. 

  • Global Program and Project Management
  • Communications and Information System Solutions
  • Data center & Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS & DaaS)
  • WAN/LAN, Desktop, Client/Server Environments
  • Advanced Voice VoIP, Data, and Video Convergence Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions and Services
  • Force Protection, IDS, CCTV
  • Wired and Wireless Transmission Systems; Fiber Optic Systems
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Support Services
  • Software Development and Customization Services

Drawing from over three decade of Information technology knowledge, skill and experience SYNERGIC SYSTEMS  consists of a dynamic team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest level of quality services and value to our customers. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled customer service through building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and breakthrough innovation.

SYNERGIC SYSTEMS is a dependable, trusted, and resilient system integrator of complex and advanced information communications and technology (ICT) services and systems, including cyber security, biometrics services and solutions. It works on integration of information systems, command control, network and communications, network and data center infrastructure, and biometrics-based identification systems (using fingerprints, electronic id, iris scans, and facial recognition). Moreover, SYNERGIC SYSTEMS: delivers ICT enterprise solutions; manages large-scale, mission-critical ICT development projects; and provides consulting services at conceptual, planning, designing, and implementation IT projects.

SYNERGIC SYSTEMS services on Information Systems include technical services in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions such as supply chain management, training and simulation, and automated equipment testing; and intelligent solutions in planning, designing, installation and commissioning of ICT.  data center and network operation center (NOC) infrastructures. Network System Integration is the second specialty of SYNERGIC SYSTEMS. Strong networks of mission-critical services help customers plan and design of infrastructures by modernizing the network, adding new ICT services and applications, or adopting managed services. The Company’s – backed with the most complex and secure data, voice and multimedia networking technologies and skills – works with platform and technology neutral approach, where clients make changes as their objectives evolve with low-risk strategies.

SYNERGIC SYSTEMS also works on Infrastructure Architecture Planning and Design to assist customers in planning and designing for modernizing, upgrading, and/or adopting applications and services of ICT SaaS infrastructures of data centers, cloud computing, and information security. The Company identifies the best architectural design approach for seamless integration and communications.

SYNERGIC SYSTEMS fourth service package deals with Mission Application and Infrastructure Support IaaS. Its infrastructure services support: development, testing, integration, operations, and maintenance of customer-focused applications and services to serve multiple lines of business across an organization. SYNERGIC SYSTEMS’s Security, Identity Management, and Biometric Systems tools provide customers with sophisticated security, identity management, and biometric solutions meeting rigorous requirements. Synchronizing business and ICT architectures reduces time, cost, and risk.

SYNERGIC SYSTEMS’s last service specialization is Software and Systems Development. It develops software and systems by ensuring that the solutions are aligned with business and ICT architecture; and that they are implemented while reducing time, cost, and risk.